After the funeral

Resources for after the funeral

We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one can be one of the hardest things you will ever experience, and the time after the funeral is as important as the funeral itself. It’s so important to be given the opportunity, the time, and the support to grieve.

We offer free grief support to our families who have arranged a funeral with us.

Often people are not aware that what they are feeling is normal after a bereavement, that they are not going crazy and that the nightmare won’t continue for the rest of their life.

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who understands and who is willing to listen.


After the Funeral

    Complimentary grief support

    When someone you love dies, it can be hard to cope with the grief you feel. Grief can leave you feeling disorientated, numb, angry, tired, sad, or lacking in confidence. After the funeral can be a particularly difficult time.

    Any member of a family who has used Gee & Hickton for the funeral arrangements for their loved one can use this support service. We will contact you a few weeks after the funeral to see how you are coping, however if you wish to speak with us before this, please feel free to do so.


    We use a qualified bereavement counsellor, Hazel Neser - who understands the challenges grieving can bring. She can offer support, reassurance, and education, and can also refer you to other services if you need long term support.

    We can also provide contact details and information regarding supports groups, agencies and library resources, which are available within our community to help you through this time.

    If you’d like to speak with someone before this, please call us on (04) 566 3103 to book an appointment.

    Contact us about bereavement support

    Compassionate airfares

    How to apply for a compassionate airfare

    Compassionate air fares offer a reduction on full or higher priced fares. They do not apply to lower priced fares already below the compassionate airfare level.

    1. Buy your ticket. If your ticket costs more than $169 for a single sector journey or $249 for two or more sectors per one way journey, you may be eligible for a refund.
    2. Check if you’re eligible online or call the Air New Zealand refunds team on 0800 733 8637 with your booking or ticket reference number.
    3. If you are eligible, fill in the compassionate fare request form.
      If you need a hard copy of this form call Air New Zealand or ask your funeral director.
    4. Ask us to send confirmation to Air New Zealand verifying the death.

    Air New Zealand’s Compassionate Fares

    Online death notification service

    After a death, one of the more arduous tasks is to close out all the relationships the deceased had with various organisations, such as the bank, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Social Development, Work & Income, Internal Affairs Passports Office. Soon this will also include insurers and telecommunication companies, councils and energy companies, Kiwi saver etc. MyTrove is a free service.

    After a death it takes an executor an average of 52.1 hours to close down these accounts and typically two months to a year to wind up an estate from start to finish. MyTrove will reduce the administrative burden by grieving families, or lawyers by reducing paperwork, removing the need to visit multiple organisations that require essentially the same information, and allowing personal and offical death data to work together. The service is free for those notifying of a death.

    On the myTrove website, you can also find reference links that will help with other relevant services, like how to close down a Facebook or Instagram account, LinkedIn accounts, check for unclaimed money at IRD etc.

    You can do this yourself or if you prefer, you can have your law firm do it on your behalf.

    View MyTrove website

    Monuments & plaques

    At Gee & Hickton Funeral Directors we are able to help with all aspects of choosing a lasting memorial for your loved one.

    With modern technology the choice of photographs and artwork designs can depict the special interests in a person’s life, and whether it be a traditional or contemporary design our team will create something unique and personal. Maybe there is an image that you have designed and want for the memorial, but if required we are able to design something specific for you.

    View our Monumental Services

    Keepsake Jewellery

    Remember your loved one with keepsake jewellery.

    Designed and crafted in New Zealand, Keepsake jewellery offers a sensitive range of memorabilia including pendants, rings and charms. We have a wide range of jewellery for both men and women.

    Keepsakes can be filled with a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or other small Keepsake, meaning you can always keep your loved one close to your heart.

    Having support around is important as you adapt to a life without your loved one.

    We're always here to help

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